Photo-based resources for pupils with social and communication needs

Created to help pupils understand common school-based situations better and what they can choose to do.
Made editable so you can tailor them for your pupils.

These resources are made up of a range of editable, visual materials created by staff and pupils in London schools to support primary aged children. The resources all focus on a different topic within the 4 areas below which interlink in many ways. These were chosen as they are areas that children with social and communication difficulties, such as those with autism, often need support with.

Children with social communication difficulties frequently need to be explicitly taught what is happening and what they can choose to do in many situations. These resources facilitate this, taking into account: reduced language; visual support and images; structure and small steps; a positive focus; and, when appropriate, choice.

These children can find it hard to generalise learning and benefit the most from materials and teaching that directly focus on areas they need support with their own lives. Schools used photographs of the pupils and their school environment to make sure their specific situations were reflected within the resources. The resources have been made editable so that schools can tailor them to the needs of their own pupils.

Many pupils from the schools involved took a key role in planning, creating and/or editing the resources so they could have a real ownership of them and the strategies they contained. A variety of ICT tools and programmes were used to create the materials with the children.

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