Learning to Change

Some children can find managing changes in their routine, and being flexible in the way they do things, very challenging. Some of the difficulties you might observe might be in:

  • Managing transitions in their day e.g. between home and school and from playtime and the classroom
  • Dealing with unexpected changes to what they expect and their routines e.g. school trips, supply teachers and being late for school
  • Anticipating and understanding how familiar situations can change
  • Being flexible in what they say, do or play with e.g. turntaking or not being first

Materials here were created to help pupils understand and work out what to do in some of these situations. Some resources were designed for pupils who are cognitively able with good language skills and others were created for those who would benefit from simpler and less language based resources.

Since all materials are editable, you can change them to meet your pupils’ needs, abilities, interests, concentration span and learning styles.